For private equity sources and investors, JumpStart Partners delivers a compelling advantage.  Acting as an augmentation to the firm’s resources, we assist in sourcing, screening, co-investing in and managing investments.  Our network enables us to provide proprietary deal flow as well as serve as a regional office for funds not located in the region.

Although JumpStart Partners has worked with investment groups in a variety of shapes and sizes, we find that our expertise is helping firms who describe their fund as a:

  • Corporate investment group

  • Mid-sized venture fund expanding into the southwestern US

  • Government-backed development agency

  • Private family office

 Examples of how we have helped funds succeed include:

  • Directly sourcing in excess of 250 investment opportunities for new funds entering the Southwest region within 14 months.

  • Leveraging our network of 120 top-tier investors, stakeholders and entrepreneurs to source 60% more higher-quality investment opportunities than previously seen.

  • Shortening and improving the investment cycle analysis by augmenting existing resources with seasoned domain experts for due diligence.

  • Providing introductions and first meetings with 75 private equity and relevant stakeholder firms in the region.

  • Reviewing trends and future industry developments with leading experts in the field to further identify and refine targeted investment segments.

  • Serving as a limited partner in select funds.